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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  October 17, 2012 1:00am-1:30am PDT

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my name is jon stewart. my guest tonight filmmaker eugene jarecki. the new movie about the war on drugs. for the many wars america is currently fighting, the along with the war on christmas, war on women and there's one more -- it will come to me. [ laughter ] afghanistan, i think, i don't know. christmas is the big one. obviously tonight was the second presidential debate which i totally watched. [ laughter ] and it's not taking place until three hours after we tape the show. i can't believe mitt romney cut off obama's hand and then told him he was his father. [ laughter ] first, election day three weeks away. or to put that another way, i cannot believe this thing is still three weeks away. we examine the nation's emotional state in the nation's new segment "please for the love of god, make it stop." controversy once again tonight. vice presidential candidate paul
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ryan at a campaign stop in georgia -- kidding he was in ohio. is there another state other than (bleep) ohio? not in october there isn't. [ laughter ] ryan seen here in photos he for some reason signed a release for -- [ laughter ] -- or perhaps these are outtakes from his real world audition tape. anyhoo he was campaigning when he decided to volunteer at a homeless shelter. one little problem. >> according to the charity's president the candidate was washing pans that were already cleaned. and only after the patrons had left the place. [ laughter ] >> jon: do you know how hard it is to make volunteering at a homeless shelter look like a negative thing and how dead inside does a national presidential campaign make you that you could be handed clean dishes and instead of saying, you know these are clean right, you go, where is my scrubby
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sponge. there's more. >> as we understand it now there were dirty dishes left for him. it was originally reported they were clean. our team is reporting dirty dishes. >> jon: great work, team. [ laughter ] we'll have more on the status of these dishes later on in the program. apparently ryan did wash dishes but they were set aside and left unclean specifically so they could take pictures of him selflessly washing so so that we -- because we're so do you mean -- believe he was caught in the act of volunteering. later food was held from nursing home patients so ryan could al riff and reanimate them through the magic of applesauce. [ laughter ] even cynical help is help for the shelter. >> the head of the faith-based organization told the post no politicians have permission to stage events events. he accused the romney campaign
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of quote "ramrodding its way into the building." >> jon: you broke into a homeless shelter to take a picture of you maybe or maybe not washing already clean dishes? are you going to try to manipulate people's emotions through prefabricated scenarios put some oomph into it. that's the social contract between you and the voters. if you don't give a (bleep) about you the homeless give a (bleep) that you gave a (bleep). don't phone in cynicism. it's like joe biden putting a hard hat and goggles and posing in front of a cheesecake factory. he's like, (bleep) it it says factory on the outside. i want this to be over. with all the focus on the campaign we miss interesting stories. >> the united states anti-doping agency has released what it calls overwhelming evidence that seven time tour de france winner lance armstrong doped throughout his professional cycling career.
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1,000 pages of evidence and sworn statements by 26 people including 11 of his former teammates. the usada called it the most sew fist dated and proacialized doping -- professionalized doping program the sport has ever seen. >> jon: take that other doping programs. u.s.a.! u.s.a.! my god suddenly i'm mussolini. [ laughter ] of course, armstrong for years has denied the alleges. has honesty fallen through the cracks in america? lewis black is here with more "back in black." [cheers and applause] >> what the hell is wrong with lance armstrong? everybody who has ever known him says he was doping. everybody who ever rode with him, everybody who ever slept
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with him, everybody who jammed a needle in his tank. they all say he was doping. but not lance. >> after a decade of fighting with the united states anti-doping agency professional cyclist lance armstrong has given up. >> he insists he is innocent but says he's tired of fighting. these things take time and energy and suck the life out of you. >> that sucks the life out of you. you win a 2,000 mile bike race seven years in a row and going to court once a month is too much work? but i suppose this does explain his new deny strong bracelet. [ laughter ] look, i don't care that lance armstrong was doping i care he won't admit it. >> the characteristics are nothing short after sunday ting. >> possibly the best endurance
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athlete in the world. >> his heart can beat twice that of a normal person. >> gets almost double the amount of oxygen out of every breath than a healthy 20-year-old would. his muscles can go harder and longer without major fatigue. >> he had cancer in his lungs, brain, testicles, he went influence chemo and lost one of his balls for christ sake and he is getting double the oxygen out of ever breath. the question shouldn't be: was he doping? the question should be: why aren't all of us dope something in. [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] i get winded lighting a cigarette. [ laughter ] and think of the kids. i mean, if a hero like lance armstrong won't take responsibility for that there's no telling what they might do if they think they can just deny it. >> i swear to each and every one
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of you that every allegation of gross and immoral activity of chugging of alcohol never took place at the pi kappa alpha house. >> first things first. hats off to the brothers in the background for somehow keeping a straight face while orville red enbalker lawyer says butt chugging. >> an activity called butt chugging that is the first time he has ever heard of the two words butt chugging, butt chugging, we asked saturday ander fefs butt chugging and his comment was, what in the world is that? [ laughter ] >> what in the world is that?
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it's where you chug with your butt. don't they teach english tell university of -- english at the university of tennessee? what is so bad at butt chugging anyways. you tell me i can drink and smoke at the same time. [ laughter ] what could be worse than this? i'm going to go out on a limb here and say nothing could be worse than this. >> carlos are mears was arrested on monday in a warrant for criewlt at this to animals. he is accused of performing sex acts with a 22 month old donkey named doodle. okay, i guess that was worse. in his defense, that doodle is one sweet piece of ass. [ laughter ] so this guy actually got caught in the act. but you know americans, i'm sure he will find some way to deny
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it. >> i've been working on a lot of different farms and built a lot of different relationships with other animals. >> but i did not have sexual relations with that donkey doodle. >> i may love my animals in different ways but that does not mean i do not love my animals. >> wait a minute, you are not going to deny this, are you? >> ponies and donkeys -- >> hallelujah, we found the one honest man in america. and he's a donkey (bleep). jon? >> jon: thank you lewis. lewis black. by the way, congratulations, lewis black, sold out shows on broadway kicking crazy ass. lewis congratulations on t ú?úfrbzczc-1q@4.-x>> jon: as yoy
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president barack obama be on on this very program to debate me. but as exciting as that will be to interview a sitting president in the studio here is ray show where we couldn't help but wonder what may have been rougher -- referring, of course to the herman cain presidency. in october of 2011 herman cain
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led the polls for the republican nomination. tragically america was denied a herman cain presidency but recently i sat down with mr. cain for a series of conversations to explore some of the tough decisions he would have faced in office. i present to you herman cain, an american presidency. tonight american exceptionalism. >> i truly believe that america is the greatest country in the world. >> how do you respond to critics, sir, who say that america is no longer the greatest country in the world? critics like historian and economists. >> my response would be on what basis do they make that assertion. >> on the basis of facts and figures. >> i would have to know what facts and figures because numbers don't lie. but sometimes liars use numbers. >> sir, where in your body do
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you feel that america is the greatest country in the world? >> right here. not in there, no. no. because what is in your head can be misleading. >> the crisis -- >> okay, mr. president, 48 hours ago a man in india broke the chicken wing eating world record as we speak an american hero called dwayne is trying to break that record. he has eating 32 wings. -- 322 wings. he has three minutes left and he is thinking about giving up. you need to inspire him and in doing so inspire america. three, two, one -- >> dwayne, man up! and remember these words. if you think you can't, you won't. if you think you dare not, you
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don't. if you like to win this chicken wing eating contest but think you can't, then chances are you won't. life's battles don't always go to the fastest, the biggest, or the strongest chicken wing eater. i believe in you dwayne. loant let america down. >> good news. he is ferociously eating wings again. there's a doctor on site who says if he continues his stomach may explode. >> stand down, doctor, and that's an order from the president of the united states of america. >> next time on herman cain an american presidency. diplomacy? >> america will not
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome back. my guest tonight is say filmmaker his latest film is called "the house i live in." >> watching arrest after arrest i began to seat destructive impact on drug laws not only on those they target but on those who enforce them as well. >> the cop that made that cheap drug arrest he is going to get paid. he gets the hours of overtime for taking the drugs down to ecu.
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he gets paid for processing the presidenter in at central booking. he's paid for sitting back at his desk for writing the paperwork. he does that 40, 50, 60 times a month so his base pay is maybe only half of what he is paid as a police officer. >> jon: wow. please we please welcome back to the show eugene jarecki. [cheers and applause] congratulations, again, on the film. it's incredible. the drug war has cost america greatly. >> yes. >> jon: but on the flip side we have breaking bad. so would you say in some ways it's even. >> it's a wash. >> jon: it's a wash. did you know much about the effects of the drug war before you embarked on this film? >> i didn't know it was a drug war. what i saw was that black americans during my lifetime, black friends and families i knew were suffering. they weren't kind of getting the
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results of the civil rights movement i think a lot of us expected. something was blocking black progress. i wanted to know what it was. it was only over time that it has to do with how many black people are in jail. then why. i started to learn it was the drug war with us for 40 years now. it was putting black people away by controls and having a huge impact on that community. >> the easiest one that seems like for people to digest is the difference in sentencing between crack and cocaine. >> it's amazing. >> that's the one that i think is maybe the most easily digested. >> sure, well, people may not know this historically crack has been punished 100 times more severely than powder cocaine even though they are the same drug. over time experts came to congress and said i'm a judge i'm telling you it makes no sense in the law, makes no sense in science and it's a huge impact on the black community affected by crack.
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it's a racist law. congress wouldn't hear it. only this past year they said beal drop it from 100-1 to 18-1. >> jon: so they admitted it was absolutely an injustice and they want to leave it at kind of an injustice. >> that's basically what the message was. >> jon: sure that makes a lot of sense. >> our drug laws don't make sense a lot of time. the woman who in florida, for example, recently thought that her serially abusive husband was going to abuse her and fired a warning shot in the air. in florida you get 20 year minimum for discharging a firearm arm. if she pointed the gun at him and killed him she got 15 years. >> jon: unless she said he was standing her ground. >> the laws are like less money
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run roughshod over people. >> jon: the prison industrial complex or drug industrial complex what is the connection? >> we have a system of industrialized mass incarceration. we're the largest jailer in the world. 2.3 million people behind bars. >> jon: more than china? >> indeed. >> jon: in your face china! you may own our debt but nobody incars -- oh, way. incredible. >> how did we get there? a beacon of democracy and yet we've a gulag nation. this is because of drug war. the nontry lent in this country are put in jail for longer sentences than the violent. why? >> jon: if you watch the debate save for ron paul or libertarian candidate, nobody mentions the drug car, nobody mentions the types of sentences and the disparity in them. there was a debate tonight. >> we could take a bet.
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>> jon: maybe for-a gram -- >> afterwards. >> jon: we're white guys. we can get away wit. [ laughter ] you know, it's astonishing. >> it has to do with again, business. this country is finding everywhere we look we're seeing places where the extraordinary power of corporations in this country and the unholy alliance they have with those in congress is destroying -- >> jon: what would be the corporate interest in inincourse rating people. >> there are private prison that rely for their own vieferral on fellow human beings. it's not just that them it's the public system with employees, the food service, the laundry system i went to trade shows where i saw people who make their entire life's work that sell you the better stun gun that -- than that guy's stun gun. there's a commonality where we rely on. this members of congress are in the pocket of it.
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>> jon: you have this infrastructure that has to be disassembled. it's an active process and we're not pray good that. how does that zmur. >> we've had systems before we had to stop. we had to stop slavery. there was a time when every revolution britt happened you say it's impossible. and then it does happen and people say it was inhe have have itable. you see people across the spectrum weighing. in pat robertson spoke out against the drug war. chris christie. people onl the left side of the aisle al sharpton, russell simmons they thought that for a long time. how often do you see grover norquist and russell simmons on the same side of any issue? it's vulnerable because it's failed on the number and immoral and hurting people so vastly. >> jon: do you have a couple minutes minutes to stick around? >> yes. >> jon: "the house i live in."
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eugene jarecki. it's in [cheers and applause]
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>> jon: that's our show. you know, join us tomorrow at 11:00. tomorrow night we're going to review the debate from tonight, review the president's performance in the debate from tonight and then thursday night, the president will be here and i'll have to apologize for the review of the debate.
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[ laughter ] i'm having a wonderful week. here it is your moment of zen. >> john this, say tropical storm. you say why are you showing me this? john is move north. the moisture from john left over, the spin, the s captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause )


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